June 2, 2017

The 2017 Translator Window: Are You Ready?

Your AM station needs to be where the listeners are – and today, that means a presence on the FM dial. In 2016, hundreds of AM stations were able to buy and relocate translators, many with the help of Fybush Media’s consulting and brokerage services. In 2017, the FCC is opening what’s expected to be the last opportunity for most AM stations to snag a new translator. Fybush Media is ready to help your AM station take full advantage of this window. Here are some important facts to know:

Who’s eligible? Any AM station that did not participate in the 2016 translator window or the first 2017 translator window can file an application in one of the 2017 translator windows. If your station obtained a translator before the 2016 window, it may be able to add another new translator in 2017. We can help!

When does the window open? The FCC will announce a start date for its last window sometime this fall. Being ready early makes a big difference at application time!

Where can I put my translator? The FCC recently changed its translator rules to give AM stations much more flexibility in siting their translators. You can now put a translator up to 25 miles away from your AM station – and in some cases, even farther away if it’s still within your daytime 2 mV/m contour. Fybush Media can help you navigate the new rules to make the most of your new translator opportunities, including the challenge of finding just the right available transmitter site for maximum coverage.

How much does it cost? If your translator application is a “singleton” without any mutually-exclusive competition, you get your translator license for only the expense of making your filing. If your station couldn’t afford the cost of buying a translator last year – and if there’s still space available on your local FM dial – this is likely to be your last chance to get a new toehold on the FM dial. Our rates are reasonable – but our ability to provide personal service is limited to a select group of clients. Don’t miss out on your chance to work with us!

Can’t I just do this myself? You can try – but the filing process for these windows is complicated, and your station has only one chance to get it right. If your application is dismissed because it’s not precisely compliant with the FCC’s complex rules, you don’t get a second opportunity to refile. Fybush Media’s track record in this process is second to none. We have sited translators in markets as big as Boston and Philadelphia and as small as rural Texas and Idaho. Is it worth taking the chance to navigate this complex filing window without expert help?

Can you help me build it? Yes we can! Fybush Media works with the best equipment manufacturers and on-site engineers to get you the best deals on the gear and construction services to get your new translator on the air quickly – and to make it sound great, too.

There’s limited time before the final window opens – reach out to us now through any of the contact links below and let’s get started on your AM station’s translator future!
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