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In philosophy, constructing and organizing a cohesive argument that is internally consistent and logically defensible is critical, and it is in this step where many customers fail. Oftentimes, people will make a point, then attempt to defend it, whereas the better approach is to analyze the context of the problem and then make an argument supported by the evidence actually available.

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That may sound like a lot or like nothing depending on how seasoned you are as a freelancer. And actually that is a pretty high average with, 72% of the writers making less than the average. The top heaviness of the data can be seen clearly: Because the data was a little top heavy we decided to break it down a little further.

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That method yielded very similar findings, with the majority of writers making less than $0.25 per word. And more writers were not being paid for their work (21 people) compared to those making more than $1.50 a word (20 people). Just like many other professions, to really make a great living you have to be at the top.